Hookah bar smokers beware..


This is some serious stuff… This is a health hazard. Kids today are trying everything they can get their hands on.
Now I know some of the old heads and very few young ones know what I mean when I say this If you lips look like shit you not putting your lips no where near anything I own. This is some crazy mess…. smokers beware you don’t know what is lurking in the folds of people lips…. well these lips look like it was in a toxic waste dump…. Hookah hell no… you playing with the fate of health. Lips today hiv and everything else tomorrow. No thank you. You can keep it all.

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Searching for love all the wrong places

As we get older we play peekaboo with our past and say what the hell was I thinking back then. We really been through some rough storms. Some of us didn’t know how we made it through. And some are still lost at sea. But thinking how rough it was back then, I am here to tell you, I embrace my today with everything I am. I never learned how to swim but I am so glad God guided me to shore. Falling in love with everyone you meet is not love, your searching for that first time, and you will never find it. Once your innocence is taking its gone for ever. And you become attached to that one person you thought was showing you love. And it not true. Some are still misguided and hopefully they will catch on. And some understands the pattern and are trying to correct it. It gets easier with time. I am not saying that we have forgotten, what i am saying is learn from your pain and help the next generation live. your life have been chosen to save someone else’s.

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Good for you Florida.


A sign created to let people know who was convicted of rape or molestation is a great idea. Society is clueless to who they are in bed with, and to those that are really in and out of their children lives.
Yes I totally agree with Florida they need this in all of our states and other countries. We the people truly have to take a stand somewhere. Question is can you stand behind signs being created to show where people are or what they are. My opinion is think about your family because predators don’t give a dam about family at all. If they did we will not be here. Trying to figure out everyday how can we help our children staY out of the hands of a  predator.
parents it is clear we need everyones help.

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The Nightmares

This is something I can really relate to we all had something to be afraid of when we were children.

Crumbling Words

This is for the Daily Post: Weekly Writing Challenge, which was to write a poem, about anything, and play around with the formatting. I definitely had fun with this one even though it took a bit of time to get everything just right since I’ve never worked with html before. However, it ended up (more or less) looking the way it does in my notebook so I’m happy. The way to read this would be to think of it as two columns- you start with the left column and read all the way down so it would read “Fear, the child of darkness…… yet never seen, lingers in the air” and so on, and then go on to the second column that would start “Food it needs not…”

NOTE: Since I have been getting a few questions about it, the way to read this would be to read through…

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little mirror, little me

the many people who read this will enjoy this just as much as I did.

So Here's Us...


When I look at you
 I see myself
 potential untapped
 brilliance undiscovered
 creativity unexplored
 vacuum sealed in the 
cellophane of childhood.

When I look at you
 I see myself 
 impulses unedited
 words unscripted
 feelings unrestrained
 the stark honesty of an 
undiluted soul.

I see the me I wish I was.
 The flesh and blood reflection of all
 my could-haves
 and would-haves
 and should-have-still.

I see the me I wish I wasn't.
 The pint-sized mimic of all
 my fearfulness
 and mindlessness
 and my selfish will.
little mirror
 little me
 Be better than I am,
 Better than I could be.

little mirror
 little me
 Like me, but so much more

So here’s me, waxing poetic for National Poetry Writing Month.

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glen_rock_police_arrest_75-year-old_on_child_porn_charge.html” target=”_blank”>Print

Myles Ma/NJ.comBy Myles Ma/NJ.com 
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on April 21, 2013 at 8:35 AM, updated April 21, 2013 at 8:38 AM


Godleski, William (1).jpgWilliam Godleski, 75, of Glen Rock 

GLEN ROCK — A 75-year-old Glen Rock man allegedly had a large number of pictures of children having sex, police said.

Glen Rock Police charged William Godleski with possession of child pornography.

Police arrested Godleski without incident Friday, after an investigation by the Glen Rock Police Department and the Bergen County Prosecutor’s by Text-Enhance” id=”_GPLITA_1″ style=”color: rgb(48, 92, 182); font-weight: bold; text-decoration: underline;” href=”http://www.nj.com/bergen/index.ssf/2013/04/glen_rock_police_arrest_75-year-old_on_child_porn_charge.html#” in_rurl=”http://i.trkjmp.com/click?v=VVM6MjgxMTA6MTg6b2ZmaWNlIGNvbXB1dGVyOjBkMGI0ZWViM2ZmMDlkZjg4NjhlYjJkNzU0OGI4MzQ3OnotMTQ5NS0xNjgyMzU6d3d3Lm5qLmNvbTowOjA”>Office Computer Crime Task Force, Glen Rock Police Chief Frederick P. Stahman said in a press release.

Godleski had a large number of pictures of “prepubescent children engaged in sexual acts,” Stahman said.

Police released Godleski after he surrendered his passport. A court order prohibits him from using the Internet.

Godleski’s arraignment is scheduled for May 7.

We as parents have to think twice on who you leave your children with. Grandpops looking at kiddie porn smh. I hope he doesn’t drop the soap in prison.

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