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Silence is not for sale!!! Silence is not for saleI guess looking at me you see me as a gourmet dish, pleasing to the eyes and very tasty in your mouth. You sense I can satisfy your hungry flesh. My small hands in your hands walking in trust to the living room away from the others is where you tell me I am special, And you will shower me with many gifts, whatever I want, I could have. but shhhhhhhh. don’t never tell no one. And I mean no one. I am very afraid and I don’t understand what is going on. He tells me to lay quietly on my mothers couch tears drop from my eyes, I am very confused, what is this man going to do to me? I am very scared and I want my mother. Where is she? Why did she leave me with this man? That man. He is trying to shove something in me but it hurts real bad. he saying words but i am in a daze and I don’t know what is happening to me. I am hurting down there. Why won’t he stop? I am crying and telling him it hurts and he says to be quiet or I will beat you. I couldn’t stop crying the pain was too much. His body is going up and down on me and I don’t know what is it that is hurting me. When he is done he says, you were good now let me clean you up. I am paralyzed and I can’t move, I guess I am in total shock. The next words that came out of his mouth was don’t ever tell no one our little secret because no one would ever believe you. Shaking and scared, I lay and wonder. I am 5 why wouldn’t mom believe me? Is ringing in my head. He kisses me and tells me I am going to buy you something real nice. So he started buying me clothes and other things to. For each gift he brought me, was paid in full with my flesh. i never asked you to hurt me or violate me. I am all grown up now and my silence is still not for sale. ABUSERS ARE FINDING NEW WAYS TO ABUSE? Pedophiles using new method to hide child abuse images online Pedophile criminals are finding new ways to distribute images of child abuse, and hide them from the authorities, according to a new report by the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF). According to the IWF’s annual report, some child sexual abuse content is hidden on the web by the trick of displaying different content depending on whether a website is visited via a particular referring website or not. In other words, if you simply typed in the URL of a website you might be presented with legal, adult pornography. However, if the same website is visited via a particular gateway, the website would know where its traffic has been referred from and display child abuse images instead. The IWF points out that one issue this has raised is that when a member of the public reports to the authorities the existence of a page hosting child abuse content, an analyst examining the reporting URL may only find legal adult content. The IWF says that it encountered use of the technique nearly 600 times during 2011, and is working with its partners around the world to tackle the trend. The IWF is the UK internet hotline for the public to report their inadvertent exposure to online child sexual abuse content hosted anywhere in the world and non-photographic child sexual abuse images, criminally obscene adult content and incitement to racial hatred content hosted in the UK. Sophos supports the IWF’s aims and works with them to protect internet users from inadvertent exposure to child sexual abuse images. From time to time Sophos Labs encounters website content and images in spam which are extremely disturbing, and where appropriate we report these to the IWF. “It’s vitally important to invest in combating the inventiveness of child abusers,” said Mark Harris, VP of Sophos Labs and Global Engineering Operations at Sophos. “We intercept new methods of distributing images of abuse all too often, and we’re committed to reporting all instances to the authorities that identify perpetrators and rescue victims.” You can learn more and download the full report from the IWF’s website. For more information or to report a website visit http://www.iwf.org.uk Everyday children live in fear because they are afraid to tell someone they are being abuse. It is scary when it is someone we love that is hurting us. But please understand it is still not your fault. It is the Abusers. The abuser will try his or her best to brain wash you into believing that they love you, and it is not so. This type of behavior is not love. IT IS WRONG! on every level. No one has the right to rape, molest, or engage in any sexual gratification for themselves with any child. It is against the law. The first step is up to you. Speak up to be heard Voicelesssouls can heard. – CEO. Voicelesssouls

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    • What do you guys do to let others know what you do?

      • I am so sorry for the late response. I am doing my best to speak to all. What we do is organize workshops to help parents and children learn more about sexual abuse awareness and give anyone any information needed to help them cope with any type abuse if needed. and also help them with the many trusted resources we have.

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