History of Voicelesssouls.org

Regina Jackson, who was born in Jersey City N.J and  raised in Hoboken N.j. Is a  rape and molestation survivor. I survived incest molestaion and rape from the ages 4yrs old until  I was 9yrs old.

I am the  C.E.O and founder of this website called Voicelesssouls.org

I  started this website support group  for victims and survivors who are afraid to speak out. I also understand how hard it is to tell your stories to people who will judge you or blame you or really not underststand what you are going through when no one believes you.

I wanted to create a place where a person can come and relax and when they are ready they can share their story.

Voiceless souls is about the many who has traveld on a silent journey, ” isolated, in pain, and very afraid.

My vision is to  help and support as many people I can  through different blogs and news forums.

This is one of not many pages that allows me and you and other survivors current or past and even parents to express how we feel about different topics that we all  have went experienced.

I also believe each of our stories can help one another to heal  one step at a time.


“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story  inside you.” _ Maya Angelou

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