Welcome to Voicelesssouls.org

Voicelesssouls is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing information, support, and resources to survivors of rape and sexual abuse and other forms of abuse. We are devoted and believe that anyone can be healed.

Voicelesssouls offers peer support to anyone who has been a victim of rape, sexual assault, or sexual abuse through our support group, T.A.B (TellAnyBody).  We believe that connecting with other rape and sexual abuse survivors is an important part of healing. Our online support group includes a message board, chat room, and blogs. It is free to join and is safely moderated by a diverse group of survivors.

If you are in crisis or need professional support now, check out our resource page.

Voicelesssouls  is staffed by our C.E.O  Regina Jackson.

What We Offer

Voicelesssouls offers a blog forum,  and numerous articles and resources. We welcome all survivors of sexual violence.  If you’ve been a victim of stranger rape, acquaintance or date rape,  molestation, incest, childhood sexual abuse, partner or marital rape, gang rape, or any other type of sexual assault,  you are welcome here as   you recover and reclaim your life.Healing knows no timeline.  If you were just raped or were sexually abused when you were a child,  if this is your first step in recovery or you’ve already been through counseling and want to connect with other survivors,  Voicelesssouls is here to support you. The rape and sexual abuse online support group has specific forums for men and women, teens and  older survivors, LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning) rape and sexual abuse survivors, and friends and family of survivors.

You will also find support for issues common in healing after rape, sexual assault, & sexual abuse:  flashbacks, depression, and PTSD;  self-injury and self-harm; eating disorders; relationships, sex & intimacy; spirituality; pregnancy & parenting.

What Voicelesssouls has to offer you:

  • Learn more about our projects
  • Read about how Regina Jackson  inspired this organization and its name
  • Visit our blogs
  • Learn about the different types of rape, sexual abuse, and other abuse
  • Learn how to help

Our Mission

Voicelesssouls mission is to provide information,  facilitate peer support and offer assistance to male and female both adult and teen  survivors of sexual violence or any other type of violence.  It is  estimated that at least 1 in 6 individuals will experience rape or sexual abuse  in their lifetime. For many, the aftermath of sexual violence is   isolating and devastating.

Hippocrates often say “no one will bother to hear what you need to say, but most of the time they don’t offer the opportunity for you to speak”. Most women and men even teens that has been abused are afraid that no one will believe them. Voicelesssouls believes that healing is possible, and that every survivor has the right to share and speak their mind.

A forum where stories or  situations that has happened or are currently taking place in people lives  can be told. We are here to help and encourage one another to  speak up and speak out against abuse. Whether or not  it be  Domestic Violence ,Child, Sexual, Mental, or Verbal abuse.  No one should have to live with it.  This is a place to release your burden and guilt this is a place to be free. This is a place where you can and will begin your healing.

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