The Nightmares

This is something I can really relate to we all had something to be afraid of when we were children.

Crumbling Words

This is for the Daily Post: Weekly Writing Challenge, which was to write a poem, about anything, and play around with the formatting. I definitely had fun with this one even though it took a bit of time to get everything just right since I’ve never worked with html before. However, it ended up (more or less) looking the way it does in my notebook so I’m happy. The way to read this would be to think of it as two columns- you start with the left column and read all the way down so it would read “Fear, the child of darkness…… yet never seen, lingers in the air” and so on, and then go on to the second column that would start “Food it needs not…”

NOTE: Since I have been getting a few questions about it, the way to read this would be to read through…

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About Regina Jackson

I am a Survivor of many different abuses, I started voicelesssouls speaking up to be heard and "T.A.B" Tell Any Body because too many young and old are being sexually abused everyday. I chose method to reach out to people who are afraid to tell someone they are hurting. I support you and your choices, I also am a moral supporter for those who ask for my help. I want to bring change in our neighborhoods. and I will fight hard to put offenders away. legally. I am a daughter, wife, mother, and grandmother. and I want a better future for our children.
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