Good for you Florida.


A sign created to let people know who was convicted of rape or molestation is a great idea. Society is clueless to who they are in bed with, and to those that are really in and out of their children lives.
Yes I totally agree with Florida they need this in all of our states and other countries. We the people truly have to take a stand somewhere. Question is can you stand behind signs being created to show where people are or what they are. My opinion is think about your family because predators don’t give a dam about family at all. If they did we will not be here. Trying to figure out everyday how can we help our children staY out of the hands of a  predator.
parents it is clear we need everyones help.

About Regina Jackson

I am a Survivor of many different abuses, I started voicelesssouls speaking up to be heard and "T.A.B" Tell Any Body because too many young and old are being sexually abused everyday. I chose method to reach out to people who are afraid to tell someone they are hurting. I support you and your choices, I also am a moral supporter for those who ask for my help. I want to bring change in our neighborhoods. and I will fight hard to put offenders away. legally. I am a daughter, wife, mother, and grandmother. and I want a better future for our children.
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