Emotional Mess

I lived in the dark for many years not knowing he has already decided I was not what he wanted. He chose to throw his family away. Why didn’t he choose his family? Was everything he told me a dam lie?  I believed him when he said I didn’t have to worry he was gonna protect me take care of me. I didn’t have anyone else so I took you by your word. Boy I was a dumb young ass sucker.It feels like you have been playing rope with my emotions. I am so damm pissed off at myself! I really want to shift your head parts from one side to the other .. I wish I can erase the pain, but i am stuck in this emotional  ride of lies.  I have the urge to just throw up, the smell of the garbage” bull shit” you tried to force feed me stinks like hella funk. Why did you hurt me?. What did I do to deserve this? You got me caught up in your twist shit.
Did you ever think at all what you were doing to me, while you were sneaking off doing you?  you didn’t give a fuck what would happen to this so called relationship.  I thought we had. because you were being satisfied in what you do best. Taking from someone else. You sick bastard. I wish I never met you! I told you things I never told another soul. I trusted you with my life, and you were no different then the bastards who molested me. Did you plan this from the beginning? If you did. Then you should have let my ass keep on going. You are nothing but a taker your a fucking coward scurrying through the night looking for your prey’. You sick fucking bastard. Did you ever think you would be trusted again? Hell No! You taught me to trust no one. And I mean no one. Better pray history doesn’t repeat itself. If it does, you are better off pulling the trigger and taking yourself out.You continue in the shit you do,as if Its all about you.  and you will see you will get caught with someone else and  someone will becoming for your mother fuckin head… and that is some true shit!
You will never in this lifetime find another woman who just wanted to love only you.
Now you can take a slow walk to hell and burn. Im done with you.

About Regina Jackson

I am a Survivor of many different abuses, I started voicelesssouls speaking up to be heard and "T.A.B" Tell Any Body because too many young and old are being sexually abused everyday. I chose method to reach out to people who are afraid to tell someone they are hurting. I support you and your choices, I also am a moral supporter for those who ask for my help. I want to bring change in our neighborhoods. and I will fight hard to put offenders away. legally. I am a daughter, wife, mother, and grandmother. and I want a better future for our children.
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