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Reading this story was heart breaking. I do hope that this article help someone in need. we have to stand up and speak out against abuse society has truly failed our children. The abuse in this case was horrific and … Continue reading

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Here is your invitation

Voicelesssouls is inviting survivor’s of sexual abuse etc… to join us for our first meet and greet gathering to show our love and support for one another and for those who are still going through. Please join us in the … Continue reading

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Principles Gone Wild.

What is going on in our school’s? We have sex crazed children who we as adults are suppose to help them ” The Children”understand that they should wait to have sex. With all the s.t.d’s going around. Waiting should be … Continue reading

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This is where predators prey…

This use to be my children playground. Where they can laugh and play. No worries about what is going on in the world, just enjoying themselves being caught up with each others laughter. Where did society fail us, our children … Continue reading

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So This Guy Walks Into a Room…

Originally posted on Sam's Online Journal:
Don’t you also find it ridiculously frustrating when you’ve just walked into a room, intent on a certain mission, only to find that you’ve completely forgotten what it was. So you stand there…

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Robbed At Penis Point>

Growing up I was always told that if you get caught stealing you will go to jail. Well I am a bit stuck on stupid at the moment. I may need some help with this one. What happens if a person doesn’t get … Continue reading

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voicelesssouls business card

Premium Business Cards by Vistaprint

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Suppose to protect & serve, “Hmmm” I wonder!!!!! Watch “Raw Video Police Officer Appears to Punch Woman” on YouTube

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