Not knowing what to do when the person you trust is the one who is ,hurting you.
How do I tell her about him? I know how she can get. He will weave her around his fingers and play her mind like he is pulling strings on an instrument.
He has done it so many times before.
He play her against me. Why don’t she see? He touches me when she doesn’t notice, and kisses me in places that is suppose to be forbidden especially to him. but why me? Does he.not think that family is more important?
She will be very angry if I told her
How do I tell her? The man she thinks love her is the same man who is in bed with me.
Im scared for him, what are these crazy feelings  that I have deep inside of me that burns and long  for him. If I told will he be alone? I am all he has.  I am questioning myself now, do I like it when he touches me? Why am I so confused? I know its wrong, but I still don’t know what to do.
Its very lonely here, I’m trying to figure out so many things, I dont know where to go from here. HELP I AM LOST WITHIN MYSELF…..

About Regina Jackson

I am a Survivor of many different abuses, I started voicelesssouls speaking up to be heard and "T.A.B" Tell Any Body because too many young and old are being sexually abused everyday. I chose method to reach out to people who are afraid to tell someone they are hurting. I support you and your choices, I also am a moral supporter for those who ask for my help. I want to bring change in our neighborhoods. and I will fight hard to put offenders away. legally. I am a daughter, wife, mother, and grandmother. and I want a better future for our children.
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